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Terms of e-commerce sales


These General Conditions have as their object the purchase of products and services, carried out remotely via computer network at belonging to Bio Calor snc headquartered in Sanremo (IM) via Duca Degli Abruzzi No. 500 and headquarters and warehouse in Region Prati Pescine sn 18018 Taggia (IM).

Each purchase transaction will be governed by the provisions of Decree n. 185/99 and, as regards the protection of confidentiality, will be submitted to the rules of Law n. 675/96, as amended.

Acceptance of the terms of sale

The customer, by sending electronic confirmation of your purchase order, unconditionally accepts and agrees to comply in its dealings with Bio Calor snc, below Bio Calor, the general conditions and payment transcribed below, claiming to have I have read and accepted all the information provided to him under the rules mentioned above, and also recognizing that the Bio Calor does not consider itself bound to different conditions unless previously agreed in writing.

Customer Commitments

These General Conditions of Sale must be examined online by customers visitors before they confirm their purchases. The submission of the order confirmation therefore implies full knowledge of General Conditions of Sale and their full acceptance.
The Customer undertakes, once the purchase process online, in print and keep these general conditions of sale, already examined and accepted during the purchase process, in order to fully satisfy the conditions laid Articles. 3 and 4 of Legislative Decree no. 185/1999.
How to purchase is a website that offers the opportunity to purchase products, equipment, items for risprmio energy, electrical and electronic equipment including multimedia.
Purchases of products, available as illustrated and described online in their respective pages and techniques, is made by the customer at the price indicated therein, to be confirmed at the time of the confirmation order, in addition to transport costs as follows specified and still displayed on the purchase.
Before confirming the purchase, the customer will be shown the unit cost of each product chosen, the total cost when you purchase more products and related transport costs.
Confirming the acquisition, upon completion of the transaction, the customer will receive an e-mail message containing the date and the total amount of your order.

The prices shown in the Order are all-inclusive, fixed and not subject to revision, after the deduction of discounts, and in any case include (without exception): taxes, storage, packaging, carriage paid to the delivery. Excludes any customs duties and insurance. The currency of the amounts listed in the Order is also the currency of payment. Prices are not subject to any form of review, a function of changes in exchange rates or otherwise.


The payment of the products purchased and the shipping costs must be paid by the customer at the time of the confirmation of order through the use of a credit card available and indicated on line, or in advance by bank transfer, or advance with money order

Payment by PayPal accounts and credit cards
Through PayPal, the global leader in secure payments online, we accept major credit cards and payments with PayPal Account. A PayPal account or credit card payment method is more comfortable, convenient and recommended by us also to reduce the time of order fulfillment.
The transaction takes place online via PayPal's secure systems and no information related to credit cards is transferred to Bio Calor snc. The order data are transmitted encrypted according to the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) directly on the servers of PayPal to ensure security of data transmission according to the regulations.
Payment by bank transfer
Payments can be made by bank transfer, which must be sent by mail a copy to the address specified in the report order. We will not process the elaboration of the order until the payment is not received, assessed and collected through the banking system.
Payment by Money Order
Payment by money order in advance is available for the purchase of material goods alone physically shippable. This means of payment is not proposed to the customer if the items in the shopping cart are not compatible with this type of payment, or if the total weight of the order exceeds the maximum allowed for the connected type of delivery.
Delivery and shipping products

The products purchased will be delivered by courier to the address specified by the customer. The expedition will take place only after the purchase of the amount has been credited in the manner described under "Payments". In each shipment contains the ordered goods and do not enter a document invoice excluding DDT. The invoice will be sent in digital format (pdf) to the email address communicated by the purchaser, who will be required to print a copy and hold it to the law. The products will be delivered during all working days. The delivery of products can be divided, without implying any responsibility for Bio Calor snc.

Before the withdrawal of the product the customer is required to verify that the package is not damaged or wet, however at the time of the withdrawal you must sign the receipt with the words "conditional". The Bio Calor snc is not liable for deliveries whose packaging appear to be damaged and / or wet. In the event that this situation occurs within 2 days of delivery, the customer must provide notice of the damage is to run that the Bio Calor snc .. The Bio Calor snc is not liable for product damage caused during transport and delivery.
Warranty and defective products

 Products purchased through the site are subject to discipline, as applicable, pursuant to Legislative Decree 2.2.2002 n. 24 (OJ No. 57, 8.3.2002) on sales contracts and warranties for consumer goods and, to the extent not provided for therein, the specific provisions provided for by the Code. Civ.
This guarantee will apply to products that present lack of conformity and / or malfunctions not evident at the time of purchase, provided the product is used properly and with due diligence and that in respect of its destination and as provided in any technical documentation , compliance with the various operating rules therein.
The guarantee is not applicable in case of negligence and carelessness in the use and maintenance of the product, connection than with electrical systems or any other type of connection is not up to standard. The guarantee is personal and will apply only to the original buyer, being restricted to direct customers and not to dealers, retailers, etc.
The possible failure of the products must be reported within ten (10) days of receipt of merchandise. The written report must 'be attached by the customer at the time of the return of the defective product.
The product even if defective, to be subject to replacement must, at the time of dispatch, be complete packaging and all the accessories and any documentation received from the customer at the time of purchase. The return of the product without the original packaging, accessories and relevant documentation above prevents Bio Calor snc replacement of the product itself.
The re-routing should be made to this address:
Bio Calor snc
Reg. Prati and Pescine sn
18018 Taggia (IM)
The Bio Calor snc reserves the right to verify the actual casting defects denounced by the customer and make the replacement until after the inspection.
The request will be processed only if the parcel will be returned the following documents: order number and date, brief description of the fault and make and model of your equipment.
The costs of returning the goods to the sender are charged to the customer.
Right of withdrawal

Purchases made on site are governed by Italian law on mail order. If you have mistaken your order and you have received an item you did not desire you have 10 days from the date of delivery to exercise the right of withdrawal, or the ability to return the product. We will accept without hesitation the return of any item, provided it is in perfect condition, refunding the full amount (excluding the costs of packaging and shipping, as required by Italian law).

Returns must be made to this address:

Bio Calor snc
Reg. Prati and Pescine sn
18018 Taggia (IM)

Information and complaints

For any clarification or complaint Bio Calor snc can be contacted via the email address

Jurisdiction and Venue

This agreement shall be governed by Italian law. Any dispute concerning the validity, interpretation or performance of this contract the territorial jurisdiction of the courts of the place of residence or domicile of the seller (Court of jurisdiction Imperia).

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